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In this brief article I will explain how I write a REST API using Golang trying to follow some best practices.

The source code to follow along if needed is here.

As an example we’ll be creating a very simple Post API.

Let’s jump to our terminal and create a new directory for our project and then init a go module.

Note: Best practice for module naming is to use <domain>/<nameOfApp>

Now that we have this let’s open our project in our favorite code editor and create a main.go

Hello dear readers, being a Junior to Mid Developer myself I’ve been of course faced to this weird “fear” of testing my code. Maybe it isn’t fear, maybe we just talk much about it.

But either way I’ve been recently learning to program in Golang and I want it to do it seriously, in the right way. That’s why this time I did not skip the tests subject.

In this article I want to show how easily testing our code can be, it is not an effort, specially with the testing standard package incorporated in Go.

As an example I…

Hello there, before starting this article I want to give you a bit of context. So, I wrote an article about how to build a custom API with Strapi and fetch it from an Angular app. If you haven’t read it i’ll link it right above 🙂.

This article is a part 2 of that article as I am going to deploy the API on Heroku and the Angular app on Netlify.

Starting by deploying Strapi API on Heroku

If you have read the previous article, you know that we generated our Strapi project with a --quickstart tag. By default this set the database of our project…

I recently decided to rebuild my portfolio with Angular. The problem is that I wanted to easily post and update my projects, I first thought about build an NodeJS/Express API connected with MongoDB but this can be time consuming for me knowing that I have others side projects with a lot of work to do.

I decided to take a look into headless CMS, that’s when I find out about Strapi. A young french start-up that gives the exact solution I was looking for.

What is Strapi in a few words ?

  • Flexible, open-source Headless CMS
  • Freedom, for developers
  • Allows…

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Hello I’m Lucas, I started Web Development last year and I work now at my first web developer job. I started web development with HTML5/CSS3 and then moved on directly to PHP and JavaScript . Well this is cool but I realized at my job that I was really missing a lot of basics and foundations about computer science and programming in general. If you do not have a mathematical / engineering background sometimes this can be challenging at your first job, because you’re just missing basics. So I’ve decided recently to put my head around the basics concepts and…

Lucas Neves Pereira

👨🏻‍💻 Curious Developer x INFP-T | 🇫🇷🇬🇧 Building software since a very short amount of time 📝

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